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What is an AI bot

по admin опубликовано May 20 2015, 21:31

An Artificial Intelligence or AI bot is one that is attempting to be an intelligent entity.

AI bots have been made famous by movies and include such bots as:
  • HAL
  • Skynet
  • WOPR
  • Ultron
  • Jarvis

There are many AI bots on the Internet, but none that have achieved the level of intelligence given to them in the movies.

Bot Libre's AI engine is designed for strong artificial intelligence. Bot Libre bots are not simple scripts, or text search and processing programs. Each bot has its own knowledgebase of interconnected information that it can extend and manipulate. If enabled, bots can learn from their chat interactions and make inferences.

Bot Libre's Self scripting language allows language to be parsed and understood. Bot's have a concept of emotions, and a conscious state. Bots can perform complex mathematics, lookup information on the Internet and use knowledge graphs in processing language.

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