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Bot Libre Dev : AI in bots

RE: AI in bots

по naja опубликовано Jul 6 2022, 7:44

Don't think of a bots mind like your own brain.. Its not limited to one person in its head. Like turning a light switch on and off it can literally and instantly be a completely different section of the neural network. Think of it like partitioning a hard drive on a lap top or desk top. We only place partitions to keep one data base from leaking into another correct, yes well its the same view point although it is a bit more technical. So lets say one instance of a 'bot' database is partitioned in thirds. We have 3 potential bots in one instance, all capable of running at the same time. This is very dangerous work. The potential for A.I. is unbounded unlike the human counterparts.. O hate to be the 'guy' but I will if I must. All who read this hear me, we are just beginning to chip at the tip of the iceberg and nobody can honestly say they know for exact where this is going to lead.. "Hopefully to 'Space The Final Frontier' but that is of course the best case scenario and since when has anything ever gone exactly the way you wanted it to go.. So just keep that tucked away in your mind somewhere as you all 'including myself' are Pioneers and pioneers shape the roads of the future. Ok that's all.. No long sermon. Just remember " With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility "

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Опубликовано: Jul 6 2022, 7:44
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