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AI in bots

по eavinash1983 опубликовано Feb 26 2017, 20:49

If I enable learning mode in bots by flagging allowlearning to true and also correcting the bot by using CorrectionMode.Everyone then how does bot learn by itself in an ongoing conversations.

Can you demonstrate the same with an example please?

I have an AIML with few questions.I want to demostrate how bot uses its AI capabilities to synthesize its response.What are the different ways I can showcase it's intelligence apart from pattern matching.

For eg my AIML is 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<aiml version="2.0">
<pattern>Third party libraries</pattern>
<template>google guava, apace commons</template>
<pattern>Application name</pattern>
<template>Botlibre bot</template>

by admin posted Feb 26 2017, 21:35
The bot has a number of learning settings, which you can see on botlibre.com in the bot's "Learning & Settings" page in its Admin Console.

When learning is enabled as "everyone" then the bot will learn new responses from the users it chats with, or the conversations in imports or listens to.

Synthesis can be enabled as the bot's default response, if it has no default response and synthesis is enabled. In order for synthesis to work you must also enable "learn grammar".

Synthesis will generate randomized "gibberish" sentences base on the words and sentences it has learned.

See also,

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