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RE: Sending message via email

по admin опубликовано Dec 29 2016, 16:49

You could use something like,

pattern "leave a message" template "What is your message?";
pattern "*" that "What is your message?" answer sendEmail();

function sendEmail() {
 Email.email("[email protected]", "Message", sentence);
 return "Email sent";

For Facebook, I don't think this information is available from the Facebook API.

by webdesigncornwall posted Dec 29 2016, 18:15
I am going to try this later tonight. i am analytical though so i have to ask where does sentence variable come from? and also would it be possible for me to collect multiple "messages" and concat them into one message var to pass to email.Email?

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by admin posted Dec 29 2016, 20:57
There are a few global variables available in scripts.
  • input - the input object
  • sentence - the input sentence
  • speaker - the input speaker/user
  • conversation - the current conversation

Updated: Dec 29 2016, 20:57
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