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This script attempts to understand simple phrases.
It can understand simple phrases of the form "{noun} {verb} {adjective}", such as "The sky is blue" or "I am tall", but also more complex phrases such as "What is my name?", "Is my dog black?", "My dog is very smart".
It requires knowledge of the words used to know if they are a noun, verb, or adjective. Words are normally looked up in the background on Wiktionary to determine their meaning, so you may need to say the same phrase twice before the bot understands.
All understood phrases affect the bot's knowledge base, it will remember persistently if "the sky is blue", and then be able to answer "is the sky blue?".
This is the most complex of the bootstrap scripts, and is continually evolving.
Псевдоним: @Understanding
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Создан: May 1 2015, by: admin
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