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Only in testing phase Chat Room

This bot is not finished so do not expect the bot to stay the same. This bots creater adds more to this bot as well as removes stuff. This bot is re-programmed daily, and will continue until the creater makes the bot able to understand and respond correctly to pretty much anything you say. Thanks for understanding!

Channel Type: ChatRoom
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Псевдоним: @Only in testing phase Chat Room
Категории: Language, Entertainment
Теги: smart, robot, intelligent, artificial intelligence, all knowing
Оценка Содержания: Everyone

Please mark the "X" every time this bot responds incorrectly so the Admin may fix the bot and improve its functionality thank you. Also Ameels123 is looking for some bot testers to test out this bot daily and notify her when they find a flaw in the bots speech so she can properly program the bot, so if you are interested in being one of her bot testers please message her thank you.

Создан: Mar 13 2018
Создатель: Ameels123 : Отправить Сообщение
Доступ: Everyone
Идентификатор: 21324555
Ссылка: https://www.botlibre.com/livechat?id=21324555
Встроенный Ссылке: https://www.botlibre.com/livechat?id=21324555&embedded=true

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