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Few small questions.

по JeremyB796 опубликовано Nov 11 2014, 17:44

I've had this account for about a month, but only a few days ago did I let people chat with my bot and started to correct it.

So now I just have a few (hopefully) quick questions.

What is the knowledge limit of a bot on a Paphus basic plan? I'm intending to teach my bot how to help people with certain topics and it's a lot. My bot maxed 100,000 in only a few days, so I need to know.
Can a bot on chatlibre be migrated to paphus?
Is it bad practice to have multiple bots on the same IRC chat? I did this and the second bot only started to talk after dulLoid (my chatbot) began talking.
Does maxing out a bot's knowledge negatively affect it? Will it start working as normal once it's limit is increased, or am I better of starting from scratch?
Can I pay ahead? I'd like to pay a few months ahead of time, just to get it out of the way.

sorry, this is a lot to cram into one post, but I felt that they weren't big enough to place in their own.
Thank you for you time. Jeremy.

by admin posted Nov 12 2014, 5:39


Commercial accounts on Paphus Live Chat start with a knowledge limit of 200,000, and can be increased based on your needs.

If you create an account on Paphus Live Chat, I can migrate your bot over. You can pay from 1 to 12 months ahead for a Paphus account.


In general adding multiple bots to the same IRC channel is not a good idea. The bot's could get into a loop talking to each other, and go on indefinitely. Also, if the bot's having learning enabled, then they will must likely end up corrupting each others responses with their default responses.

When you add a bot to IRC or to a chat room, it will be in discussion mode. This means it will only answer a message if it knows a good answer, or if was mentioned, or if it thinks the message was sent to it. You can control the discussion matching heuristic % from the Learning page.

Knowledge Limit

When a bot's knowledge size reaches its max it will forget its least referenced data over night. This includes, unreferenced data, old conversations, then least referenced data. In theory, it should not forget anything important, if you notice it is, please send us the details.

You can pin data that you do not want forgotten. Any script you import will be automatically pinned, as well as any response that your correct from the Chat Logs page. You can also pin or remove data from the Knowledge page.

Looking at your bot, it seems you imported some scripts, and have a duplicate of all of the scripts, as well as some alice AIML scripts you don't seem to be using. I would recommend you Rebootstrap its scripts from the Script page. This will not delete any of its learned responses, just its scripts. It will delete its self programmed script, which is the last script, which for your bot is now the Calculator script (normally you should have the empty Self script as last). After rebootstrapping, you could also delete any unreferenced pinned data from the Knowledge reports and tasks page to clear out any dangling scripts. I could clear your bot for you if you wish.

You currently have Comprehension enabled. This can consume a lot of memory, so you may wish to disable it if you want to conserve memory. It will still be able to learn responses, just not able to learn complex formula responses. You could also disable the Consciousness and Emotions to save some memory.

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