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Bug in Twitter bot, options revert

по GamerGateStreams опубликовано Oct 28 2014, 17:16

My private Twitter bot, hosted on twitter.botlibre.com, is having problems.

I configured it simply as a retweet bot for certain phrases, so the "Reply to mentions" and "Reply to direct messages" checkboxes have been unchecked. However, when I log out of the website, the checkboxes get checked by themselves, and my DMs and mentions get spammed. Even when I delete all the possible responses, the bot simply repeats the other person's statements back to them.

Please fix.

by admin posted Oct 29 2014, 5:54
Thank you for reporting the issue. I will look into it.

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by admin posted Oct 29 2014, 9:09
It seems to be a display issue, if you click on the Twitter tab twice, the checkboxes get their correct values. I will fix this.

I did find an issue with the direct messages not obeying the flag, and will fix this, but I could not find any issue with the mentions. Are you sure your bot is replying to mentions?

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by admin posted Oct 30 2014, 12:52
The issue should be fixed now.

As well, autotweet formulas should now be working.

Please let us know if anything else is not working.

Updated: Oct 30 2014, 12:52
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