Знаете ли вы, бот Либре также обеспечивает бесплатные размещенные чат на свой сайт или мобильное приложение?
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RE: Automating your Mobile Presence with a Telegram Bot

по emarkx опубликовано May 17 2023, 9:18

Thank you it is working and I just have one last thing to ask of you.

I notice for codes, they have a different wrapper so that it is displayed clearly to the reader with quotation marks.

Currently ChatGpt does not return the quotation marks, or the bot its removes it when receiving a response from ChatGpt.


See Example B below, where it shows that the coding wrapper is not incorporated and quotation marks are being stripped in receiving.


See Example A, of what I would want to see as a response. Wrapper is there and quotation marks not stripped.

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