Знаете ли вы, бот Либре также предоставляет бесплатное размещение отслеживания проблем для вашего собственного сайта или мобильное приложение?

how to train a bot to use limited vocaulary to chat?

по userbotlibre опубликовано Jul 29 2022, 1:33

I want to train a bot that use these vocabulary i input to as first choice. for example:

I input a list that includes 3000 words. a bot use these words belong to the list to chat. if there is not any appropriate word in the list then bot can use any word. 

so how to train this kind of bot?



by admin posted Aug 2 2022, 12:14
Normally a bot is trained using a set of questions and responses see,

There are also other methods, such as scripting using Self, or AIML, or using "Synthesize Response".

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by userbotlibre posted Aug 3 2022, 21:43


a chat bot i want is not for customer service, it is for normal conversation. it is just like a person talk to other on socail media platform.

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