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Automatically Reply to Tweets with Hashtag

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I am completely new to BOTlibre and am having some difficulty with an auto-response bot I am attempting to set up. For some context I have already connected the bot to a twitter account and have provided it with a hashtag to search for and a specific response to reply to the tweet with if the hashtag is found. The problem I am having is that the bot does not seem to regularly searching/checking for the keyword and responding on its own. I created a test account and I tweeted the keyword 3 times - not once, in a span of approx 20 minutes, did the bot reply to the tweet. I clicked "Check Status" and the bot then replied to all three tweets but now it has stopped replying to the tweets with the keywords even if I click "Check Status".

My use case for this bot is limited and I need it to reply to a tweet with a specific keyword quickly (within a couple of minutes) after the tweet has been shared. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I might go about setting up the bot to automatically and quickly reply to a tweet with a given hashtag or keyword?

by admin posted Oct 18 2021, 12:29
Twitter does not allow you to tweet the same message repeatedly. Checking your bot's Log page from its Admin Console I see the error from Twitter "duplicate tweet". Ensure you give a unique responses for each tweet.

For a Basic account the bot will only check its profile 1 time per day. If you upgrade your account it will check its profile more frequently,

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