Знаете ли вы, бот Либре также предоставляет бесплатное размещение форумов для вашего собственного сайта или мобильное приложение?
Self, AIML, and scripting


по tpranara опубликовано Jul 3 2020, 3:12

Also, which self script is responsible for taking the word don't that is typed in chat, and turns it into do not for pattern matching. And other words like it such as I'm and can't etcetera. People don't normally type or speak with words like, i am; do not; can not; and will not. I am having to constantly re-say a phrase because I never speak naturally in I am, or do not, or can not and will not.


Pandora had .substitution files for this.




by admin posted Jul 3 2020, 9:20
Bot Libre does not do any substitutions. You can enter "don't" in a pattern.

We do have synonyms that you can add from the bot's Training & Chat Logs page, which are similar.

Bot Libre also supports response list, and also importing AIML as response list. Response list are generally better than AIML as they are a fuzzy match, not an exact match like a pattern. If the user's question is similar enough to the response question it will be used.

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