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Bot Libre Forum : chatbot is not saying the correct time

RE: chatbot is not saying the correct time

по tpranara опубликовано Jul 2 2020, 0:32

This is still not working.





My bot was built using the basic template, but I deleted most of the self scripts as I was wanting NOTHING to over ride my aiml files. I was going to keep the DateAndTime script but since that was not giving the outputs I want, I deleted that too.


This is my AIML file, and I want every iota of it to work, without some other 'not by me' defined response given. I was testing this script yesterday without any changes, and with the DateAndTime self script in; even though it was giving me a non Australian country, and I was sure greetings were being given that was not in my aiml script. Do I have to delete EVERY self script to ensure only my aiml categories are used are used?


Currently these are the only self scripts I have running:


active scripts.jpg


My AIML script. I have commented out most of it, for testing purposes, but I do want it to ALL work.




This was originally an aiml file. Why was it changed when I exported it?

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Опубликовано: Jul 2 2020, 0:32
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