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Advice on Creating a Friend/Self Help Bot such as Replika

по 12gaugemage опубликовано May 29 2019, 16:34

First off i want to say thank you for creating such an excellent and accessible resource on botmaking for free. I don't think i would have pursued this interest if i not for botlibre. I'm currently learning and reading the site documentation, i notice lots of templates and options. For someone who has no real business aspirations but purely hobby focus, what template would you recommend for a friend type bot. My goal is to create a bot with that's able to hold reasonably realistic conversations and my end goal is that the bot would kind of self learn a personality of it's own. My closest example to what i'm aiming for is Replika bot, only I don't just want a mirror of the user. Any advice for templates? If it should have learning on, or what i should be learning to achieve making such a bot? Thank you.

by admin posted May 30 2019, 11:34
For a non business bot I would recommend the julie, alice, eddie, or maylin templates.

You could also experiment with the synth or ai template.

You can also import scripts from our script library,

We do not recommend enabling learning as users may train your bot with bad responses.
If you want to enable learning I would recommend setting learning mode to "Users" or "Administrators", so the bot does not learn from anonymous users. You can also set the bot's learning rate lower such as 10%, so the bot does not start using a response until it has heard it several times. Also review your bot's new responses frequently and delete any bad responses, and flag any offensive responses or words.

We do not recommend enabling comprehension or consciousness.

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by 12gaugemage posted May 30 2019, 12:04

Thanks for the response, that gives me a good place to start. I'll start experimenting with the suggested templates and options and see how it goes.

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