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problems with TOPIC

по bots4ever опубликовано Mar 11 2019, 12:07


I have a bot with several hundreds lines of Q & Rs in a Response List format that I load into its brain.
That bot (and the list) has 2 majors contexts to choose from by the user at the beginning. For that selection I have tried using:

topic: <topic name>

  and then tried also:

think: conversation.topic = "<topic name>" 

Then most of Q & R's have a property to assign each Q & R to one of the 2 contexts. For that property I tried using: 

required topic: <topic name>

  and then  tried also:

 exclusive topic: <topic name>

2 types of problems are happening running most of the run's :

- responses from the bot are sometimes ok, but about half of the time the bot responds with ... something like "required topic: <topic name>" which is usually the 4th line on each Q&R (sometimes with the right topic, sometimes with the wrong topic !) instead of responding with the 2nd line which is the actual response to provide. Please see attached capture for an exemple, where the Q&R is:

  what can I do
  can you tell me why I am so high these days?
  required: what can I
  required topic: high

- The software does not fully take into account the restrictions (tried "required topic" and also "exclusive topic") concerning the active topic, and activateq Q&R's that are not with the active topic - or maybe the active topic is changing often automatically for some reasons that I do not understand ??

Are there known bugs when there is a lot of topic-related metadata ? or could you tell me what I am doing wrong ?

Thanks in advance for any help .

Best regards,


by admin posted Mar 11 2019, 18:31

The tag is "require topic:" not "required topic:".

This is causing your issues. Delete your bot's responses you imported and correct the tag, and re-import it.

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