Знаете ли вы, бот Либре также обеспечивает бесплатные размещенные чат на свой сайт или мобильное приложение?

how to decrease memory knowledge base?

по bagussatria опубликовано Feb 17 2019, 8:45

hey, i want to decrease my knowledgebase, cause i just have 37k memory..

and also how to  delete respond (chat log) file.res who has been uploaded

by admin posted Feb 18 2019, 8:15
The bot automatically delete old conversations and unused data once they exceed their memory limit (100k for basic), so you do not need to actively delete knowledge.

You can delete knowledge if you wish from your bot's Knowledge page in its Admin Console.

Do delete responses imported from a response list file go to your bot's Training & Chat Logs page and select the response yo wish to delete and click on the delete button/menu.

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