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this script won't work

по bobred опубликовано Sep 13 2017, 10:22

This script in this file won't work on pioyu.remember.txt

Pioyu is a public chatbot.could you test her to see what is going?Put this in the search to find her name=pioyu,category=entertainment,tags=fun.

by admin posted Sep 13 2017, 15:13
I tested it and it seems to work fine.

"My dog is blue"
->"I will remember your dog is blue"

I think you were using,
"My name is bobred"
for which you trained a different response for your bot.

Exact response matches are processed before scripts. Check that your bot's trained responses are correct, and delete the garbage ones.

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by bobred posted Sep 15 2017, 16:37

okay I will do it.

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