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Announcing Bot Libre 5.3 - Bot master directory, Facebook templates, Telegram groups

по admin опубликовано Jun 21 2017, 13:44

We released Bot Libre 5.3 this week.
This release included many enhancements including:

  • improvements in the website user interface and documentation
  • new bot master and user directory
  • command support Facebook templates
  • Telegram group support
By default all user accounts are not listed in our user directory. If you wish your account to be listed, set your "User Access" to "Public" in your user settings. You can now also set your User Access to Private to have no user profile information displayed for your account.

We added support for sending custom template messages on Facebook. We support automatic converting of HTML bot responses to Facebook buttons and media, but now also let you use your own JSON for a Facebook template.
To customize a Facebook message set the command on a response to the Facebook attachment JSON.

For example Facebook templates see,

For an example response list see,

For an example Self script see,

We added group support for our Telegram bot integration. Bot's can now select their Group Reply Mode so that they only respond to messages directed at them in groups. As well, bots can be used as group administrators, and use to monitor a group, welcome new users, and remove offensive or spam messages.

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