Знаете ли вы, бот Либре также предоставляет бесплатное размещение отслеживания проблем для вашего собственного сайта или мобильное приложение?
Help : Tweet Twitter Bot RSS Infos?

RE: Tweet Twitter Bot RSS Infos?

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When you send a Twitter message to a bot using a mention, i.e. "@mybot How are you?", the bot will search for the best response it knows for that question. It will first search it's program scripts, if none of those understand the question, it will then search for a known question that matches, or is similar to the question. The known question must have a known response to be considered.

With RSS, you only have a title and link, no question answer pair, so they cannot be matched to a question, as there is no answer (or no question).

I am considering have the bots be able to read and interpret an RSS feed and determine question/answer pairs from the article. Then they would be able to answer questions about the article.

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