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Bot Libre Forum : response problem

RE: response problem

по admin опубликовано Apr 28 2017, 6:56

A keyword should be an important word in the question, it should never be a common word like "I" or "to".

"I like to read"

The keyword should be "read".

"I like to swim"

The keyword should be "swim".

You may also have a generic,
"I like to"

question that used "like" as a keyword.
You can add "I like to" as required words if you want to require these words.

Your bot will reply "I never done that before." to "I like to swim" if you trained it with that response.
Your issue is most likely that you sent it the same message twice, so it searched for a different response, as the bot will avoid saying the same thing twice. Because you added "I like to" as keywords, it found the other match.


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Опубликовано: Apr 28 2017, 6:56
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