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Bot Libre Dev : Self programming

RE: Self programming

по admin опубликовано Mar 16 2017, 8:32

1 - We will have a new user manual released soon that details the Self classes and functions. There is also this FAQ post, https://www.botlibre.com/forum-post?id=14527502

2 - Symbol is just a JavaScript function that we are reusing for symbol/primitive objects in Self. You can define any global object using a #myobject syntax as well. This will define the object in the bot's database so you it from any script, similar to a global variable. I think there is also a toSymbol() function you can call on a string object to create a symbol with its text.

3 - Variables are auto defined, so you do not need to declare them. When you declare them you can add constraints, like the variable will only match instantiation of #number, etc. Without constraints the variable will match any word or object.

The :: is just a typo/left over from our old Self 1.0 syntax. You no longer need to prefix variables with :

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