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Bot Libre Dev : Use of state diagrams with self

RE: Use of state diagrams with self

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The method to load AIML is on the AIMLParser class,

public Vertex parseAIML(File file, boolean parseAsStateMachine, boolean createStates, boolean pin, boolean indexStatic, Vertex stateMachine, String encoding, Network network)

  • parseAsStateMachine - Determines if the states will be created, or the AIML will just be added as responses.
  • createStates - Determines if the nested states will be created, otherwise the patterns will just be load sequentially.
  • indexStatic - Determines if non pattern (* wildcards) will be added as responses.
Indexing the questions means the questions will be processed using our NLP heuristic, this allows for the bot to find the best matching response, and does not require the question match exactly. It is also more efficient as it does not need to create and process a big state machine.

If you load the AIML as responses (parseAsStateMachine=false), then patterns are still processed the same. For a pattern (* _ ^ wildcards etc) the response will only be used if the pattern matches. The patterns will be found using our NLP heuristic, which will still work the same as normal AIML except for some complicated recursive SRAI tags which may have subtle differences as the heuristic does not search for the pattern sequentially, but through words indexes.

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