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How to embed HTML or JavaScript in a response?

по admin опубликовано Mar 21 2014, 13:49

Your bots responses can include HTML or JavaScript.

From the Training page under Admin, or from the Chat Logs page, you can enter responses that include HTML or JavaScript. The HTML code will be rendered as is in the web client.

For example you could include a link.

User: Can you tell me more about BOT libre?
Bot: Refer to the <a href="http://www.botlibre.com/about.jsp">about</a> page for more info.

You could also include JavaScript. In general be careful with embedding HTML or JavaScript.

User: What is the date?
Bot: That <b>date</b> is <script>document.write(new Date());</script>.

This only applies to the web client, if you access the bot from Android, the HTML tags will be stripped.

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