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Announcing Bot Libre 5.1 - Timers, Bot Services

по admin опубликовано Jan 27 2017, 9:50

We released Bot Libre 5.1 this week.
Bot Libre 5.1 includes several new features including Timers and Bot Services, as well as many other enhancements and fixes.

  • Timers - Schedule and run background tasks for your bot, every hour, or every day. This allows your bot to manage mailing lists, message users on social media, scrape website data, generates reports, and perform other scheduled tasks.
  • Bot Services - Bots can do a lot more than chat. Bot services lets your bot accept a JSON command through its web API, and return JSON data. Use Self and your bot's artificial intelligence to interact with games or other services, or generate reports from your bot's database.
  • Twitter - Now send rich media tweets with images and video.
  • No response - return Template("") from messages to not send a response on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and other messaging services.
  • Facebook - Support for quick reply buttons, Self API to send messages from scripts.
  • Self - new API to access object meta data such as id and creation date, Memory class for querying the database.
  • Live Chat - email integration

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