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RE: Automating your Mobile Presence with a Telegram Bot

по admin опубликовано Dec 19 2016, 7:17

Very odd.

I tested your bot from Telegram and it worked fine, you can check your bot's conversation log to see.

I also tested all of our bots from several different accounts and they worked fine.

How did you start the conversation with the bot?
Did you connect to it and get the "Start" button and click it?
Or did you just send a message to the bot?

My guess is that Telegram might require you /start a conversation with a bot.

What Telegram client are you testing with?
Is your account a confirmed account with a cell number?
What location/country is your cell from?

Make sure you only enable one of polling and real-time messaging, not both. Normally real-time would be used.

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Опубликовано: Dec 19 2016, 7:17
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