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Speak recognition with Javascript SDK

по joergst опубликовано Dec 12 2016, 8:31

How can I add speak recognition to my Bot with the Javascript SDK. The function toggleListen doesn't exist.

by admin posted Dec 12 2016, 10:19
If you use the bot's embed code it will automatically add speech recognition in the WebChatBotListener createBox() function.

To add speech recogntion yourself you can call the,


To start speech recognition, and,


to stop speech recognition.

Use all need to call,

SDK.registerSpeechRecognition(input, button);

To register for the speech events.

Speech recognition is only supported in browsers that support HTML5 Speech, such as Chrome.


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by joergst posted Dec 12 2016, 10:27

great, thank you for the very fast answer.

The problem was, that I don't embed the Bot with the box, only with <div> in a website.

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