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by Khvalovsky posted Dec 24 2022, 3:06

Good morning from Russia. I have noticed that there's difference between your mobile bot, javnih trained via the application and its representation in web. The skills aquired can't be found in its web clone. Those Bots of yours, their pair, are not similar in their voices even. There are no female voice for italian version, per example. Many years ago I trained a bot for Californian Univercity. But later it was monetised, and now only its empty shell remains in Google Store. Dose it have any future, this project? Merry XMass!!!

Ciao! Inizio a usare le bot, come uno strumento comunicativo. Grazie per vostro progetto. Lo molto mi piace questa idea di fare comunicazione ed educazione linguistico usando AL. Bravo! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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by admin posted Dec 26 2022, 11:08
The bots are the same when accessed from mobile vs the web. The mobile device may have different voices when native speech is used vs the web browser, the Bot Libre, Microsoft, Google voices would be the same. Bot Libre integrates with Microsoft Speech and Google Speech for high quality Italian voices.

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