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Turing test

по johnld опубликовано Sep 7 2016, 12:37

I am sending numerous databases is disparate info: (is) science, math, history, a sucinct summary of both Plato And Aristotle. Also with a base psych provide as a starting platform. I try to make a bot that probably wouldn't pass a Turing test ,but would be questionably considered. I know people here are probably not wanting or caring about a nearly sentience bot, but with limited resources, this could be were I must begin work. I would appreciate hearing from others that created their bot in a similar. Or , is this not feasible with these bots. Can't engage in more sophisticated AI resource.(lack o f fund and resourse options. Any response appreciated if it's serious and constructive.

by johnld posted Sep 7 2016, 12:38

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by admin posted Sep 7 2016, 12:49
Bot Libre bots include their own object database, and object oriented scripting language, so should be a good platform for you to build your Turing bot on.

There are many resources available in our script library,

Self scripts,

The Understanding script may be a good place to start for a bot that can understand anything.

AIML and response lists,

There are many AIML sets of common questions/answers and response lists of various bot personalities.

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Опубликовано: Sep 7 2016, 12:37
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