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Can I link a virtual speaking girl to my self developed CahtBot in VBA Excel?

по Meryll_Lynch опубликовано Aug 11 2016, 3:25

Can I link a virtual speaking girl to my self developed CahtBot in VBA Excel?

I developed a ChatBot in Excel VBA and want to impress my Partners with a virtual Girl, who says what the ChatBot write !

Can I link here an assistant to my VBA-Code?

My ChatBot write the Output in a Cell on the Excel-Sheet and in any way, the virtual Assistant must "pick" up this Output

and says it via Text-to-Speech. Can anyone help?

Thanks for your help!


Meryll Lynch

by admin posted Aug 11 2016, 10:01
Most chat bots are developed for the web, social media, or mobile. Developing a chat bot in Excel is an unusual platform.

Bot Libre's avatars and speech can be access through our web API, or from our JavaScript SDK, Android SDK, or iOS SDK.

I'm not sure the capabilities of VBA, but to support avatars and speech it would require:
  • HTTP access
  • audio support
  • video support
If VBA has such capabilities you could refer to the source code in our open source JavaScript SDK, or Android or iOS SDK to develop an integration.

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