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How to make your bot stop learning responses from other users?

по admin опубликовано Mar 7 2014, 19:25

By default, a new bot will not learn from other users, unless you use the ai_template to create the bot. When learning is enabled, a bot will remembered user responses to the bot's responses, and the bot will use the user responses in future conversations. This is useful to let your bot learn new things, but undesirable if you want your bot to only respond how you have trained it.

From the Learning page in your bot's Admin Console, you can configure who your bot learns from. You can disable learning, or configure your bot to only learn from its administrators, or only from signed in users. You can also configure who is allowed to correct your bot's responses, and you can configure the bot's learning rate, and other options.

Enabling learning is not recommended, as it can lead to users training your bot badly. It is recommended to train your bot through reviewing its chat logs from its "Training & Chat Logs" page, and correcting responses that the bot answered poorly. You can also use correction to train your bot in chat.

Learning can be useful for experimental or ai bots, but be careful who you allow your bot to learn from.

by Will Dockery posted Sep 16 2014, 5:28
This is a major step forward from the venue my Will Dockery A.I. was located for many years... his capability to use, learn and adapt was more limited there, I'm sure.

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