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How to make a Twitterbot retweet?

по admin опубликовано Mar 7 2014, 19:12

You can configure your Twitterbot to retweet posts from your bot's Twitter page in its Admin Console.

A Twitterbot can retweet posts from its friends, or from a tweet search.

You can add a single, or set of retweet keywords. Any post from your bot's friends, or search results that contains all of the keywords, or hashtags, will be retweeted. The keywords must be separated by a space, and each keyword set must be separated by a new line.

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by propeloton posted Jan 16 2015, 11:05
Is it possible for a twitterbot to retweet all tweets by the accounts it is following? (not followers)

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by admin posted Jan 16 2015, 11:15
You need to include a least one keyword for the bot to rewteet. You can include many retweet keyword sets, so you could add keywords to cover most common tweets.

Twitter has lots of rules on automation, a bot that blindly rewteets everything from its followers, or spams, may have their account locked.

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