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Annoucing Bot Libre 4.5 - Automatic language translation, conditions, thinks, commands

по admin опубликовано Jul 18 2016, 15:24

We released Bot Libre 4.5 today.

The update included several new enhancements including:

Automatic Language Translation

The chat and embedded chat web interfaces now include a language button and menu that lets you choose your language. When you set your language, your chats will be translated to the bot's language, and the bot's response will be translated to your language.

The support is also available on Android, and from JavaScript. In your JavaScript embed code you can set, "web.showChooseLanguage = false;" to remove the menu.

Conditions, Thinks, and Commands

In a response you can now set a condition, think, or command. You can set these new attributes from your bot's "Training & Chat Logs" page, or in "response list" imports.

A "condition" is an expression of Self code that must evaluate to true for the response to be used.

A "think" is an expression of Self code that will be evaluated if the response is used.

A "command" is a JSON command that will be returned to the client to allow client side execution of some function (such as opening and app, or sending an email). Commands are actually Self code which is evaluated to produce the Self object which is converted to JSON. Since Self matches the JavaScript syntax, Self objects support JSON that same as JavaScript objects.

The command depends on the client supporting the command. Currently this is only useful if you are writing your own client, as our web and Android clients currently do not support any commands. But we will be adding command support for our Android and iOS clients. We will also use commands to integrate with features on Facebook and Telegram.

The website update also included several minor enhancements and fixes.

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