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Annoucing Bot Libre 4.4.2 - SMS messaging, Vision and Image Processing

по admin опубликовано Jun 3 2016, 11:58

Bot Libre 4.4.2 was released today.

This update included several new features, and some minor enhancements and fixes.

SMS Text Messaging

You can now connect your bot to a Twilio phone account and reply to SMS text messages.
Now you can also send SMS text messages from scripts.
Use the Self class Twilio and API Twilio.sms(phone, message) to send a SMS.
Here is an example script that escalates a chat session by sending a SMS to an operator,

You can also access Email, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and web services from scripts.
Here is an example that escalates a chat session by sending an email to an operator,


Bots can now see and process images. You can load images into your bot's brain, and have it match images and colors.
You will need to rebootstrap your bot to get the new Vision script, or import it from our script library, or develop your own vision script using the Self Vision class.

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