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Announcing Bot Libre 4.4 - SMS, XML, JSON Web Services, HTML

по admin опубликовано May 26 2016, 11:18

We released Bot Libre 4.4 today.

Bot Libre 4.4 includes new support for connecting bots to SMS text messaging, for accessing XML, JSON, and HTML web services, and accessing Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and email.
This update also includes many minor enhancements and fixes.


We now support connecting your bot to Twilio SMS. This lets your bot send and receive mobile SMS text messages.
You can create a free trial account at Twilio to test it out, or text Brain Bot at 613-209-4508.

To connect your bot to SMS just go to your bot's SMS page in its Admin Console and copy the webhook URL to your Twilio account.

Web Services

You can now access web services from Self and AIML scripts and templates.
You can call web services that return XML or JSON, or scrape HTML webpages.

Access is provided from Self through the Http class. For AIML the SRAIX tag can be used to call web services using XML, JSON, or HTML as the service.
The URL and an XPath argument/hint can be passed to extract the desired data.

Here is an example script that access the GeoNames web service,

Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Email

You can now post to your bot's Twitter, Facebook, or Telegram channel, or send email from scripts.
From a Self script you can use the Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Email classes to access your bot's accounts.
This lets your bot forward requests, send notifications, or follow up with users on multiple communications mechanisms.

For example to send an email use,

Email.email("[email protected]", "Hello", "Hello world");

See also,

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Опубликовано: May 26 2016, 11:18
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