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по WYNLV опубликовано May 11 2016, 22:39

So with the awesome help from bot libre, i've got my bot almost to the point where I'm ready to deploy. I figured out how to get the bubble to go away using some CSS (the checkbox doesn't seem to work on embed.)

I have a couple of remaining issues.

1) In live chat, my bot won't auto-repsond unless the visitor types accept first. I want the bot to respond as long as it has a high confidence response.

2) The tool icon next to the chat get's squished, and sometimes disappears. This is probably something I can fix with CSS but wondered if anyone else had experience as my CSS and HTML are intermediate at best.

Once I get these last two issues resolved, I'll be read to deploy and start training my bot and serving guests.

Super Excited!

Thanks for all your help,


by admin posted May 12 2016, 7:10
1 -
Live Chat is for talking with real live operators, the bot in Live Chat is there as a backup for when the human operators are offline or busy.
We are working on a feature that lets you set a wait time where the bot will auto accept waiting users that have been waiting for more than x seconds.
You can do the same thing in your page just using your own JavaScript, just setup a timer to send "accept" after x seconds if no message is received.

2 -
Yes, this sounds like some CSS on your website is interfering with the HTML our JavaScript SDK is generating. Should be easy to fix with some CSS or JavaScript changes.
If you send me a link to your page with the bot on it, I can take a look.

You may be interested in our Platinum upgrade, it includes our service in setting up your bot, and give you a higher API limit.

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