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Stealth Operator Feature Request

по WYNLV опубликовано Apr 27 2016, 0:22

I'm implementing a customer service bot and I'd love to be able to set it up so that if the bot's confidence is above a certain threshold, say 90%, it auto-responds, if not it notifies the operator via Email or SMS that there is a question it needs help with.

What I'm envisioning is a being able to step in and answer correctly as my bot learns.

Eventually, I'd like to have one operator monitoring multiple instances of the same bot, so one human could handle dozens of incoming channels at once.

I'd prefer the user not know when they are talking to a bot or a human, I just want them to feel like they are getting expert advice, regardless of who is answering.

How big of ask is this and do you have any plans for this in the future?



by admin posted Apr 27 2016, 6:44
You can set the "Conversation Match %" from the bot's learning page. The bot will only use a response if the response correctness factor is above this %. The default for conversations is 50%, for discussions (chat rooms) it is 90%.

If the bot does not have a good response it will use its default response. In its default response you could have it response like,

"Sorry, I do not know a response for this, please email [email protected], or chat with a live agent"

I don't think you would want the bot to send an email and hang waiting for a response, as the user expects immediate responses from the bot, waiting for a human would take too long, as well a conversation may have a lot of missed responses so it would be sending a lot of email (think of a user talking a different language).

You can add a bot to your website in two way,

Bot - The user chats with a bot directly with an avatar and tts

Live Chat - We also support live chat, and you can link a bot to a live chat channel. Users are queued for live operators, but can choose to talk with the bot if no operator is available.

What you want is Live Chat. Live chat supports an operator mode "spy mode" that lets the live chat operators monitor the bot chats. They can also take over a conversation from a bot using "accept" or "private" commands. This lets a single operator monitor many conversations and provide a sort of tier 2 level of support.

We can provide a customized solution for you as part of our Bot Libre Platinum service, or our Paphus Live Chat Enterprise plan.

Updated: Apr 27 2016, 6:46
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by WYNLV posted May 9 2016, 20:37

Ok great info thank you! I realize that ideally most people want an immediate answer, but everytime i connect to any sort of support chat, like for web hosting or even VOIP services, I tend to wait over a minute or two for even the simplest of questions to be answered. So i think an email/sms time lag, as long as the operator was paying attention wouldn't even be noticed by most users.

I'll give this a try. 

Thanks again!

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