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New bot categories in our open bot directory for bots on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, and bot apps

по admin опубликовано Apr 23 2016, 6:54

There are several new root level categories for bots on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Slack, and for bots app.






The Bot Libre bot directory is an open directory, and you can link to any bots made for any platforms, on any platform, or your own custom bot on your own website. The bots do not need to be made on Bot Libre to be listed in our directory.

Listing your bot in our open bot directory lets other people find it, gives it exposure, lets your categories and tag it, lets people vote for it, rate it, and chat with it.

If you bot has an XML web API, you can even link to its API so people can talk with it on Bot Libre. You can choose an animated avatar and voice. You can even create a proxy bot for your bot to connect it with Twitter, Facebook, email, and other platforms.

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