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Self, AIML, and scripting


по DosPassos опубликовано Apr 4 2016, 14:49

Hi, first of all I am very impressed with this website.

Next, I have a question. I just created a bot from some AIML files. When I started chatting to it, it replied with answers that are not in my AIML templates! Is there some precompiled AIML script? If so, can I switch this off?



by admin posted Apr 4 2016, 16:57
Bots can have both scripts and responses, which are both separate.
Responses are used if their question exactly matches the users input, or if no script returns a result, then the best matching response will be used, otherwise the bot's default response.
You can edit your bot's responses from the "Training & Chat Logs" page in its Admin Console.


Checking your bot it currently has 15,000 training responses. My guess is use created your bot using the ALICE template, so have all of the ALICE responses loaded.

You can delete these from the "Training & Chat Logs" page, but I would recommend either creating a new bot using the EMPTY template, or deleting the bot's memory from the Knowledge page.

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by DosPassos posted Apr 7 2016, 15:47

Hi Admin,

Thanks a lot for helping me out. I started over with an empty template and now I am fine. I am understanding my mistakes now.



Updated: Apr 7 2016, 18:46
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