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Announcing Bot Libre 4.0!

по admin опубликовано Mar 1 2016, 9:44

We have released Bot Libre 4.0!

Bot Libre 4.0 is the most advanced artificial intelligence platform available today. Bot Libre 4.0 is a free and open source platform. Bot Libre 4.0 includes support for chat bots, virtual agents, live chat, animated avatars, speech, embedding, and hosting.

Bot Libre bots can be trained using natural language, chat logs, and response lists. Responses are automatically matched using a heuristic artificial intelligence algorithm and do not require any programming. Response can also use keywords, topics, required words, labels, repeats, and other meta data.

Bot Libre 4.0 supports programming and scripting your bot using AIML 2, and our redesigned language Self 4. Self 4 is an object oriented scripting language that now supports the standard JavaScript language syntax. Self extends JavaScript to provide support for language parsing through state machine processing, object database persistence, and adds first class Pattern and Template objects. Self 4 also supports all of the AIML 2 operations, and some aspects of ChatScript patterns.

New features in Bot Libre 4.0 include:

  • Self 4 scripting language - now object oriented and supports JavaScript syntax
  • New website design - redesigned responsive design
  • Many minor enhancements and fixes

Note the default bootstrap scripts have been enhanced and converted to Self 4, please update your bot's scripts from its Scripts page in its Admin Console. The old Self 2 syntax has been deprecated. The Self documentation has been updated to the new JavaScript syntax.

The website now uses our responsive widescreen layout by default. To get the old fixed layout click the PC icon.

Please ensure that you use your application ID (from your user page) when embedding your bot on your own website. If you do not use your application ID you bot's access will share our anonymous access ID which is rate limited and normally runs out early each day. We have fixed some issues in our API usage limit checking.

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