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What are topics?

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Topics can be used to add context to a response, or conversation.

Topics can be set on a response in the Training & Chat Logs page in your bot's , or by importing a response list, or AIML file.

A topic sets the topic of the conversation. If a topic has been set on the conversation, responses that have the same topic will take precedence over other responses. The topic can also be used inside AIML or Self scripts.

A topic can be required, or optional. If a response has a required topic, then it will only be used if that topic is active. If the topic is optional, then the response takes precedence over other responses if that topic is active, but still can be used if the topic is not active.

Topics in AIML are always required. Topics is response list are optional by default unless "require topic" is used.

Topics can also be defined on default responses, to provide different default responses when the topic is active.

Example response list file using topics

Would you like to play a game? Lets play I Spy topic: I Spy Is it green? Is what green? Is it green? No, keep guessing. require topic: I Spy default: Do you give up? topic: I Spy

To access the topic in Self use conversation.topic, in AIML use <get name="topic"/>.

To set the topic in Self use conversation.topic = "I Spy";, in AIML use <set name="topic">I Spy</set>.

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