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Website update, new Training & Chat Logs page, response labels

по admin опубликовано Nov 16 2015, 13:48

The website was updated today.

The Training and Chatlogs pages in the bot Admin Console have been merged into a single "Training & Chat Logs" page.
This lets you review conversaitons, and add new responses, greetings, and default responses in one place.
It also lets you edit responses, greetings, and default responses.

Greetings and default responses can now be tagged with emotions, actions, and poses.
Default responses can also use topics and previous to define topic defaults, and context defaults.

Responses can now be tagged with a label. A label makes it easy to rename a response simply by referencing the label in another questions response.
Labels are simpler and more efficient than using REDIRECT, or SRAI from a Formula response.

The AI engine was updated. You will need to rebootstrap your bot to get the default script updates.

The update also included many minor fixes and enhancements.

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Опубликовано: Nov 16 2015, 13:48
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