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Frank Does

Псевдоним: @Frank Does
Сайт: https://3does.com
Категории: Education, Tech, Website assistant
When purchasing membership from 3DOESLtd, we grant you a limited, non-exclusive license to view 3D Models through our website. The 3D Models are the sole and exclusive property of 3DOESLtd and nothing herein grants you any rights to copy, download or distribute the 3D Models.

You are not authorised to:

    Share your user account with others;
    Copy, download, modify or distribute any of the apps/tools/models on this site;
    Remove any copyright or proprietary notice included on or in any materials;
    Circumvent or attempt to circumvent any encryption, security code, or other protection used in connection with the apps/tools/materials/models;
    Make recordings of apps/tools/materials/models or make apps/tools/materials/models available to others in any format.
    All data entered into the site, via the Apps and tools, becomes the copyright of 3DOES Ltd. You may opt out of this copyright agreement, at any time, by writing to us and making a formal request.

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3does website help bot
Создан: Aug 10 2017
Создатель: 3does : Send Message
Доступ: Everyone
Идентификатор: 18618194
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Знания: 97081 objects (max 100000)

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