Знаете ли вы, бот Либре также предоставляет бесплатное размещение отслеживания проблем для вашего собственного сайта или мобильное приложение?

How to change your bot's image (avatar)?

по admin опубликовано Feb 18 2014, 18:44

You can change your bot's image by first clicking on your bot from the Browse page. Ensure that you have first signed in.

There are two ways to change your bot's image. You can either change its image icon, or its avatar.

To change your bot's image icon, simply click on its icon on its page. This will let you upload a new image, or select an image from a URL, or our graphics library. Your bot's image icon is just a still image, to give your bot animation, you can change its avatar.

To change your bot's avatar, on your bot's main page you will see an Admin Console menu and button. Click on this button, it will take you to your bot's Admin Console, where you can configure, customize, train, and connect your bot to various services. To change your bot's avatar, click on the Avatar link.

The avatar page lets you choose your bot's avatar from our avatar library, or create a new avatar. An avatar can include images, video animations, and audio that your bot can use based on its emotions, actions, and poses.

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