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Self, AIML, and scripting : Evaluation flow, declaring new :response sentences and miscelany

RE: Evaluation flow, declaring new :response sentences and miscelany

по admin опубликовано Jan 26 2015, 7:50

There is a shortcut syntax for defining a word that has the meaning of a primitive, but not one for instantiation.

case :#is goto ...
Would mean,
case :is goto ...
:is {
    set #meaning to #is;

exclude #word from :anything;
A word should not have a #word relationship, so this should have no affect. Only a meaning would have a #word relationship. I think we will have to do a blog post on the Self object model with some UML diagrams. Right now you can see the object model structure from the Knowledge page.

> is :noun related to :noun by #instantiation
This should be,
> is :noun related to #noun by #instantiation

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Опубликовано: Jan 26 2015, 7:50
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