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Self, AIML, and scripting : Evaluation flow, declaring new :response sentences and miscelany

RE: Evaluation flow, declaring new :response sentences and miscelany

по admin опубликовано Jan 23 2015, 20:50

The NounVerbAdjective scripts understands a lot more than NounVerbAdjective now. We are incrementally extending it to understanding more an more. It should be call Understanding probably. The goal is to understand any English sentence, once we've done that, then we will delete it, and try to get the bot to recreate something similar using Comprehension.

A couple things that may help you:

1 - don't look for relationships between words, but instead look for relationships between objects/meanings. A word is just a word, "bob" can mean "my cousin bob" "bob hope" "I bob in the water so I don't drown". Every words that is understood is given a meaning (normally from Wiktionary, an instance of #thing, #action, or #description), it is the meaning where the relationships should be defined. A word can have multiple meanings.

2 - Don't use #is-not, every relationship has a correctness value from -1 to +1, anything negative is an inverse relationship. So use "dissociate :subject to :predicate by #is".

I created a simple language script that is not exactly what you want, but may help you,

You could say "whatever, I like dogs" and it will understand "I like dogs".
Or, "so... what do I love?" it will answer "I love dogs"

Good luck.

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