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palringo thing !

по st0k опубликовано Mar 31 2017, 12:29

greeting everyone

im new to your site , and i think im enjoying this site so far 

im a student of java , and i tried to connect to a website called Palringo.com

so i wrote a simple code to replace String ..etc 

but the problem is that i cant make it work with palringo , so i googled it and it seems there is API for palringo but im not sure how i could use it in java 

 so could you please help me to make a bot for palringo ?

by admin posted Mar 31 2017, 22:04
I could not find an official API for Palringo.
If you have an API you could integrate Bot Libre with it through our web API (you would need your own server or service to integrate them). You may also be able to use a Self script, timers, or bot services to integrate with the API.
You could also use our open source AI engine directly if you are making your own Java service.

If they have an official API, we could also provide the integration for you through our Bot Libre for Business services https://www.botlibre.biz , contact sales@botlibre.biz

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