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Website update, buttons, learning from Twitter, auto accept, user manual

по admin опубликовано Nov 24 2016, 16:31

The website was updated today.

Some of the recent updates include:

  • Button, link, and choice HTML tags are now supported in responses with postbacks
  • Button, link, img, and other HTML tags are now supported in Facebook messages
  • Formatting HTML tags are supported in Telegram
  • You can now import and have your bot learn from a Twitter feed
  • Live Chat now supports chat bubbles
  • Live Chat now supports having the bot auto accept chats after a delay
  • Live Chat bots now greet new conversations
  • The Live Chat and embedded interfaces can now be translated into other languages
  • An initial version of our User Manual is now available
  • Editing responses in the Training & Chat Logs page now indexes all question words

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Опубликовано: Nov 24 2016, 16:31
Обновлено: Nov 24 2016, 16:32
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