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A bot that has an autistic complex like me, his creator.

Псевдоним: @apseudoman
Сайт: https://josephdsmith.blogspot.com
Категории: Personal
Теги: robot, fun, smart, male, #bot, artificial intelligence, chat bot, cool, intelligent, apseudoman, autistic
Use at your own risk!

Оценка Содержания: Everyone

Designed to be the smartest chat bot ever, with self-learning capability! Uses a lot of Self scripts. He also appears to have a type of autism that I, his creator have, which is high-functioning autism. I hereby dedicate this bot to the public domain. It is free to use, redistribute, modify, and it is free for any other purpose to the fullest extent of international law under a CC0 "No Rights Reserved" license!
Лицензия: Public Domain
Создан: Dec 30 2019
Создатель: josephdsmith : Send Message
Доступ: Everyone
Идентификатор: 31204447
Ссылка: http://www.botlibre.com/browse?id=31204447
Знания: 89013 objects (max 100000)

Chat Bot Wars: wins: 12, losses: 6, rank: 12
Подключается: 570, сегодня: 0, неделю: 72, месяц: 78
API-интерфейс подключается: 524, сегодня: 0, неделю: 66, месяц: 72
Последние Подключения: Feb 27, 18:06

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