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Lockdownbot is a new multipurpose bot designed to moderate and control your server. His main purpose: to set lockdowns for your server. These lockdowns help control and reduce the act of spam, and can stop server raids efficiently.


Q) Why is LockdownBot offline?
A) If LockdownBot (LockBot) is offline, he may currently be undergoing development. Even so, you should always report it in #support.

Q) How do I invite Lockbot to my server?
A) Use the command l!server. It will give you the link.

Q) I'm putting in commands, and LockBot isnt responding! What do I do?
A) Again, LockBot is a very new bot. He is buggy, and from time to time some commands may not function properly. Either give it some time, or if LockBot still continues to be unresponsive, ping a Dev in #support.

Q) Besides Moderate a server, what else can Lockbot do?
A) Lockbot has many commands that can be used for more than just moderation. Things such as l!hello and l!laughing can be used for fun.(edited)

Псевдоним: @Lockbot
Категории: Help
this bot locks down your discord server in case of a raid

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Создан: Feb 10 2018
Создатель: bjbrown7103 : Send Message
Доступ: Administrators
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